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The illustration featured on these pages are the works of a number of various artists such as Todd Lockwood, Larry Elmore, Brom, , Adam Paquette, Dana Knutson, Tony DiTerlizzi, Linda Tso, Adam Vehige, Alberto Dal Lago, Alex Aparin, Alex Schim, Allison Theus, Andres Espara, Andrew Hou, Andrew Kim, Andrew Vallas, Anna Christenson, Anthony Jones, Arnold Tsang, Ashley Walters, Ashton Sperry, Ben Wootten, Bento Box Studios, Branko Bistrovic, Carlos Villa, Carmen Cianelli, Carolina Eade, Christian Pearce, Christophe Swal, Christopher Burdett, Christopher Ocampo, Chuck Lukacs, Colby Stevenson, Concept Art House, Corey Macourek, Craig J Spearing, Crystal Frasier, Damian Mammoliti, Dan Scott, Daniel Masso, Daren Bader, Dave Allsop, Dave Rapoza, David Bircham, Dmitry Burmak, Emrah Elmasli, Eric Belisle, Elvis Presely, Eric Braddock, Eric Deschamps, Eva Widermann, Florian Stitz, Gerald Lee, Imaginary Friends Studios, Jason Engle, Jesper Ejsing, John Stanko, Kevin Yan, Kieran Yanner, Matt Dixon, Michael Jaecks, Michele Chang, Rob Lazzaretti, Ryan Portillo, Steve Prescott, Tyler Walpole, Vinod Rams, Virgil Finlay, Warren Mahy, Wayne Reynolds, Yngvar Apslund, and any others I may have not found been able to find the artists name.

The setting information within the campaign section of the Wiki is content from the Night Below AD&D adventure Box Set with all copywrite material reserved, Forgotten Realms Setting copywrite material reserved, R.A.Salvatore, Pathfinder Inner Sea World Guide copywrite material reserved, Pathfinder Core Rule Books copywrite material reserved, used only for the purpose of running a game in that setting, or was created by the community on

Lord AO’s player characters were created by their players. Non-player characters were either created by Lord AO, or are canon NPCs from the a Night Below Box Set, Pathfinder Setting or Forgotten Realms Setting.

Thanks goes to all the brilliant artists and programs for the help and inspiration for the layout and design of this portal project. (Especially killervp and tic)

Copyright Page

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