Deepest Darkness

The Isle of Shadow


The party left the rift of the fire giants to confront an old wizard and then find themselves in peril as they entered the Isle of Shadows!



I like the clean look of these adventure logs. A nice link to the page and I really like the faded picture that goes along with the text. I’m glad the party managed to defeat that hag. A pity they didn’t destroy her though. Any old hag hanging around the Underdark with a fascination for Aboleth magic can never be good for peaceful Underdark relations. There again, I suppose there is really no such thing as peace in the Underdark.

The Isle of Shadow

Thx Twiggyleaf! I sometimes wish I had more time (infant) and energy (again infant) to make the logs a bit more detailed, but it at least allows any player that happens to miss a short catch up before the next session =)

The Isle of Shadow