Deepest Darkness

A Sad Day of Shadow

The party defeated the seven deadly skeletal clerics, but felt that they could still press on and journeyed to the next dangerous crypt. The Isle of Shadows protects its own and as soon as the group had opened the tomb of the master of the Island, it sent its shadows to destroy the tomb raiders. Xayver stepped into the tomb and saw at the bottom of the staircase an altar dedicated to an evil ancient god. He used his special magical adamantite arrows to destroy the altar. That also drew forth more shadows that swarmed the group. It soon took down Wayaas and fydor.

In moments they too rose from the dead as Shadows to attack their former party members. This soon led to a domino effect and within mere minutes only the gold dragon Shimmron and the invisible ninja were left in life.

Shimmron and the ninja made their way off the Island unable to fight off the incorpral life draining shadows. Once on shore and feeling defeated, they started the long trek back to the surface. It took many months of tretchorus walking for them to finally breach the darkness and step back into the sunlight.

With the defeat of the heroes they approached the Riddleport leaders and told their tale. An agent of the Pathfinder Society caught wind of the news and sent word to the lodges for the immediate response. A massive effort was unleashed and a force of Pathfinders was dispatched to try to quell the Aboleth.

The outcome of this effort has yet to be revealed.