Chosen of Achaekek

When Achaekek has to assassinate someone quickly he selects his chosen for the most important of jobs. A chosen of Achaekek retains all special qualities of the character and gain the following.

Alignment: LN, LE, NE

Immunities: A Chosen is immune to aging and does not age, but she still dies at the normal age for dying. He is also immune to all mind affecting, compulsion and death effects.

Shroud of the Mantis (Su): A Chosen is immune to detect alignment and location spells.

The Mantis God’s chosen (Ex): All of the Chosen’s character levels count as assassin’s levels for the purpose of determining effects of any assassin skills, spells and abilities.

Death Strike (Su): A Chosen can use his death attack ability as a standard action without having to study his opponent for 3 rounds. This ability is usable 3/day.

Mantis Arms (Su): Achaekek grants his chosen an ability called mantis arms. As a standard action the chosen may undergo a transformation which grants them +4 natural armor, +4 strength, and a 1d10 claw attack as the chosen’s arms transform into the arms of a praying mantis. In this form the chosen loses one constitution point per round. As a standard action they can change back into their original form (the do not lose con the same round). If they do not return to normal form before they run out of constitution they die. If brought back to life they permanently lose this ability. This constitution loss remains throughout the encounter, after which the chosen regains it at a rate of 1 per hour. It cannot be regained by any other means.

Mantis Feats: The character automatically gains the following feats and abilities, regardless of prerequisites as an assassin prestige class of equal level.
• Death attack
• Poison use
• Track

Level Special – Achaekek
1 +2 Dex, +2 Int, Invisibility 4/day, Sneak Attack, Undetectable
2 +2 Dex, Death Strike, Mantis Arms
3 +2 Dex, +2 Cha, disguise self 3/day
4 + 2 Dex, true strike 1/day, Mantis Feats


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