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With the party having returned to the deep gnomes, they gathered supplies and were resting to journey forth to scout out the lower tunnel that connected to the village of the Koa-toan, The City of the Glass Pool.

The priestess and leader of the gnomes, Carmeneren, approached the group to lend help in the form of a Half-drow ranger, whom they had done trade within the tunnels for many years. Zov was born to a female drow her surface elven slave. She hide herself from other drow with the slaves until Zov’s birth and she gave her son and his father their freedom. In the wilds of the underdark Zov learned from his father how to survive and how to hunt drow.

Carmeneren knew Zov could help guide the party the rest of the way to the kidnapped victums. She also knew a way to help the party and get rid of a pain in her neck, that pain being a lone goblin, Urk.

Urk lived in the upper tunnels that led to the trolls. They came to an understanding with the goblin, not to kill him in exchange for him to give the gnomes advanced warning if the trolls came near. Now, since the party had killed off the trolls, there was no need for them to keep the same arrangement and so Carmeneren had her young acolyte Gondabuggin convince the goblin to journey with the party to find more food and fun.

As this newly fortified group set out they were joined by another of the locals. A fetchling merchant asked to join as her was an engineer and had been investigating the oddity of some unusal tunnel construction in the area. This fetchling was a wzard and summoner from the planes of shadow and had found what he had deduced to be earth construction, but not by any race he’d ever seen.

He led them to these tunnels and they found it was not svirfneblin, dwarven, nor drow in nature, but elven.

After this they continued onto the temple of Juiblex that Carmeneren had warned them was on the pathway to the kou-toan city.

The party found the entrance and entered in cautiously. Once inside they found black pudding and orche jellies about.They fought their way to the back of the caverns to find an Idol to Juiblex on an alter of black. As they entered, the idol became animate and tried to defend its temple.

It spewed out mustard jellies and Zov attacked from above as the entire ceiling oozed onto him from above in the form of green slime.

In the turmoil of battle, the poor wizard merchant from the planes of shadow, Zilk, rushed in to try and destroy the idol, but slipped and over swung his bonded staff, critically injuring himself and acceidently crushing his own skull.

The group finished destroying the oozes and with the last one burned away the alter ‘cracked’ in half and revealed a hidden cache of rare black diamonds.

The group mourned the loss of their latest companion and policed up his gear and the diamonds and returned to the deep gnomes to tell them of their latest loss and proving to the group indeed how dangerous the darklands truly are.

Zov wished not to part with the unusual diamonds but in the end the group convinced him to sell them to the deep gnome jewelers and the gnomes were pleased with the additional trade.

The party rested yet again and vowed to set off the next day, but were to? Down the route to the city of the glass pool or to the lair of possible dragon that the deep gnomes clearly avoided at all costs?

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Read Session 9

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