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After destroying the troll haven, the group returned to the deep gnomes. Carmeneren was very pleased with the surface dwellers actions. She also introduced them to a dwarf whom had been recovering with the deep gnomes after the dwarves were attacked by a large group of umber hulks and hook horrors. He swore vengeance on the evil monsters and helped to lead the party against them. They found the lair and went on the attack; they soon found that the hook horrors and umber hulks were being controlled by a Rashasha. They soon defeated the monsters and began to investigate the lair. They found a specter that was clinging to this world onto its dead body laying in the pond of the Rakshasha. On the bones of the body in the pool, they found another parchment from the odd Hazakian.

Soon after this Azter was drawn to a cubby in the rocks that contained a magical sword. It was Finslayer! Its special purpose was to destroy all kou-ton, aboleath and drow of the underdark. Finslayer soon detected Aravan and tried to take control of Azter to defeat the villain. Instead Azter confronted Aravan and soon the new dwarf jumped to the offensive and began to threaten the evil drow. He gained support from Heavy when it became general knowledge the drow was of evil intentions.

With accusations flying here and there, the new dwarf launched an attack against the dark elf and soon a fight broke out. The party became divided and in the end Azterā€™s guard was let down for an instant and Finslayer seized control and brought himself to bear against the elf. He chopped down the elf and then released Azter from control. Azter was horrified at what the sword had done with his hand.

The party soon returned to the deep gnomes to try to raise the body of the dark elf to redeem themselves, but the spirit did not return. The party was broken in morale and so they parted ways. The new dwarf left to continue his aggressive fight against evil, Azter forfeited his quest to see the kidnappers to justice, forgo finding his missing Pathfinders and resigned to stay with the deep gnomes and learn the ways of the underdark. The rest of the party ventured forth to find the lost surface dwellers and find the true leader of this horrific kidnapping scheme.

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Read Session 8

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