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After the group’s victorious slaying of the orc den, they rested and regrouped. They found in the back of the orc chieftains’ lair a tunnel that descended even lower into the darklands. The group knew that the strange fishy smelling potions were not of orc creation and having not found the main group of kidnapped prisoners could only be further below. They knew that the orcs must have just been working for a much darker and more sinister enemy.

So, with the guidance of Aravan the drow elf, they descended into the lower tunnel and steadily sloped down and down. Many hours of walking later, the drow stopped. He pointed out that they were now confronted by a different type of enemy, Svifneblin. These deep gnomes approached and wanted parlay; they told that the group was not the first surface dwellers to pass through looking for the kidnapped victims. A group of ‘Pat-finders’ had passed through a month earlier, never to return.

The deep gnomes leader, Carmeneren, was worried that another group investigating the evil below would surely rouse that evil to force it to come to the surface to stop the goodly ones and in that event would endanger her small village.

Instead, Carmeneren had a plan, she offered the Svirfneblins help – food, resting area, supplies, and a cache of magic, in turn she must see the worth of the group to champion this cause. To put at rest her worries of their possible easy defeat and rousing of the evil, so she had a small task to be taken care of. A group of trolls lurked near the deep gnome village and would occasional raid the gnomes. The deep gnome leader gave a map to the group to show the various dangerous regions in the nearby Darklands.


Armed with this map the deep gnomes tasked them in destroying the troll menace.
The Paladin generously offered their services and the group set off. She led them to the troll’s lair and the group went to work. It was a desperate battle, but in the end the trolls were laid to waste. It was also here that the ninja Sanyuri found the magical mace called Muckbane. In addition to the powerful weapon they also found another parchment from the strange Hazakian.


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