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The companions of Wormwood Hall, as the locals have begun to call them, came forth with the tales of the under caverns and kidnapping syndicate that lurked below. They also told of the tragic los of life of their dear friends and adventurers.

Uncle Rafferty agreed to stay on as Peddywinkle, his employer and master was still missing and had not been found below. The group told of a further passage that led into the deep caverns. Perhaps Peddywinkle was there? If they were to explore and perhaps have to stage a rescue they would need additional help and so decided to make a trip to Riddleport to sell off the enemies belongings and recruit help.

The group fenced off their captured items to a local goods man and he directed them to post their help wanted poster. Once there they waited and a few days they had a few interviews with some hopeful recruits. Dorn, a dwarf would dabbled in the arcane arts and sorcery, the knightly paladin and priest Azter, Heavy, a young brash swordsmen of local fame, and the mysterious elf Aravan who spoke of his forest tracking abilities and trap finding abilities. (It was later revealed that Aravan was a dark elf in disquise who was not looking for a lost kiddnapped friend as he so claimed, but rather he was hunting for his runaway sister who had brought dishonor to their family)

With these new companions, they ventured back to Wormwood Hall with supplies for Uncle Raff who had hired a few local carpenters to fix the stables and sleeping quarters of Wormwood hall. The companions then again descended into the lower tunnels below Wormwood in search of the final whereabouts of the kidnapped victims. They passed where the last battle had occurred and some distance away found a set of double doors that the locks fit the 2 gilded keys. These doors were massive 15 foot tall of a foot thick of stone wrapped in brass and iron.

Once through the door they found the caverns guarded and controlled by a group of orc warriors. The orcs tried to ask about this apparent early delivery of new slaves, but the companions went on the offensive and attacked the evil orcs. They fought an evil vile orc priestess who defended the orc young and then found an orc champion of mixed blood. He was Garaundzer,

an orog – orc mixed with ogre and was a huge brute of a monster. When finally the orc chieftain was slain they found additional prisoners from the surface world. One a simple sheep herder recounted his tale of seeing a group of men kidnap and attack a group of scholars on the road and when they saw he had witnessed the act they took him as well.

Orc Chief


The other prisoner was a young dwarf named Snagger, who had been in the area looking for his great uncle and found that he was related to Dorn who also had been in Riddleport looking for the same relative. Snagger proclaimed that he would pledge his services for a year and a day in repayment of his rescueing if the party would have him. Snagger also said he had found a parchment with a strange story written on it.


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