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After resting for the night and healing from their wounds the group descended into Wormwood Halls lower dungeon. There they found a secret door into the deceased clerics chambers, but also found it inhabited with its masters zombie guardians. The battle ensued and from out of the shadows the drow ambassador emerged and attacked. The battle was fearsome, but the group managed to defeat the evil doers and searched the dungeon level.

They found not only Ranchefus treasure and a gilded key, but a secret door that led to natural caverns that ran down into deeper darkness. They also found Wormwood Halls prison cells and a human prisoner still trapped inside. He said his name was Rodyn and he had been captured on his way to Riddleport. He was a magus swordsman and the kidnappers had said he would be taken ‘below’ soon. He also had seen Peddywinkle when he first arrived, but that the man had been rushed into the tunnel that led lower by Orcs.

After freeing Rodyn the group chose to hurry down the tunnel with all haste. Rodyn found his belongings and joined the group, wanting to exact revenge on the kidnappers. Only to find the tunnel open up into a large cavern after 300 yards or so. As they entered the cavern so fifty feet below ground level, they heard a woman’s voice call out to them. The group didn’t know what to make of it and called bac asking who the voice had come from. Unfortunately the woman almost thought they were a new group of bandit recruits bringing more kidnapped victims down, but with the groups answer showed her that they were not who she thought they were and she launched her assault from the darkness.

She was Ranchefus master and head of his order of evil. She had her acolyte cleric with her as well as her personal bodyguard. He was a brute of a man standing nearly six foot eight and wielder a bastard sword two handed.

She also commanded 6 zombies, bodies of kidnapped victims she had ‘played with’ but that she had killed in the end only to reanimate them.

This battle was difficult and brutal for the heroes. As they were tired from prior battle they moved into the waiting ambush of the vile cleric. Spells, swords and death flew here and there. The poor goblin was cut down as well as the new dog that Morgrym had recently befriended. Mistakes were made and as Morgrym fell in combat, Delphi moved to try to rescue him, but a miss thrown bolder from Koal hit her in the face, crushing the life from her.

Soon, the zombies were dropped, but the mighty evil cleric raged on and Celaher was cut down by the evil bodyguard.

When the dust settled, the evil was stamped out, but at a very high cost. Delphi, Morgrym, Kreecha and Celaher had all lost their lives. The remaining three knew that this kidnapping cult had ties lower in the tunnels, but with only three of them remaining they knew that strength lies in numbers and would return to the surface and possibly to Riddleport to report this to the authorities and perhaps find additional companions to help in routing this evil group of bandits.

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Read Session 5

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