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With the group infiltrating the kidnapper’s hideout, they take down the first of Wormwood Hall’s bandit lookouts. But, one escapes and sounds the alarm for reinforcements.

The tower’s lookout begins to rain down arrows, but sourly misses and Celaher begins lobbing bomb after alchemy bomb at the incoming highwayman.

The battle rages on with the party exiting the barracks and into the courtyard. As the group takes down what seems to be the last of the bandits Ranchefus, the one-eyed, evil cleric throws open the main keep’s doors and exits with his personal accompaniment of zombies. With him are three orcs, one of which is an ambassador from the orc tribe. Just then, Oleanne rushes in to try to sway the battle tide, only to be slowed by the zombie hoard.

The vile cleric tosses spells at the group, hoping to hold one and manages to blind Sanyuri, the ninja. When the battle begins to seem hopeless for the tired and depleted group, Celaher throws one last bomb at the Ranchefus, scoring a critical hit in the cleric’s chest and blowing a hole clear through. The heroes then finish off the orcs and personal bodyguard of ranchef and begin to search the bandits’ bodies. They find a map of the lower levels of the keep.


While looking over this simple map drawn by one of the bandits they catch a glimpse of another figure in the keep beyond.

The group sees what appears to be a dark elf,a drow female, who darts into the shadows and races down into the dungeons of the keep. The group tries to pursue, but reaching the lower level they hold their pursuit, not knowing what they might find within. They decided to rest, recover spells, and heal before venturing forth. After barring the door to the lower level, they first examine the loot from the bandits.

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Read Session 4

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