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The group of adventurer’s delved deeper into Damius’ sunken tower looking for his diary. They fought from room to room strange undead beasts somehow cursed to the afterlife. They found Damius’ laboratory, a strange rubied dagger that gave energy as it wounded others. They found and fought another of the little golem creations. And in the master bedroom found a burnt out place and Damius himself. Sitting quietly reading his journal, Damius was not happy to be disturbed. As the group entered his chambers he cast a powerful teleportation spell, but only two succumbed, the goblin Kreecha and his master dwarf Koal. They were teleported to the beginning of the tower as the rest of the group entered combat with Damius. He used his horrid boney claws to rake through flesh and bone.

The party fought well and before Koal and Kreecha returned they had destroyed Damius into a final rest. In his diary they found that he had given up in frustration the universal healing salve and instead, began looking into darker methods of obtaining immortality. Methods such as lichdom and that he consorted with dark evil powers. That is also what had cursed him when his tower sank in the great thaw.

The group packed up as much belongings of Damius as they could carry and ventured back out into the cold frozen fog. They made their way back to the Wolf’s pelt inn and to Peddywinkle. He was very excited and began to read the diary in search of clues to the healing salve.

The next morning, after Peddywinkle had studied the diary he announced to the party, “Amazing news! We will all be Immortal and freed from disease…not to mention kingly rich! I must get these pages back to my lab, I’ve had already concocted a substrate from the prior page to add to this part of the formula and it will be complete.”

They set off at once to return to Riddleport and Peddywinkles Lab. Peddywinkle also took an additional apprentice and student, Celaher. He began to teach him of the acrane spell casting arts and promised to help him refine his alchemy skills as well. As they traveled south to Varisia they past by Lurkwood, it with its strange reputation but shorter trail set Dell and Uncle Raff to ill at ease. One night while setting camp, Peddywinkle retired to the river to bath, but the group was set upon by highwaymen and bandits. As they fought off the brigands they heard an explosion from the riverside. Peddywinkle had cast a fireball.

The party fought most of the brigands and slayed them, but their leader, a swarthy man with an eye patch cast divine spells upon himself and fled. The party went to investigate Peddywinkle, but found him kidnapped. They immediately set off to find him and follow the tracks of the bandits. They left Dell, Uncle Raff, Kreecha and Delphi to tend to the camp as they tracked the highwaymen.

They followed the trail until they came upon a druid of the woods. She introduced herself as Oleanne and that she had indeed seen the brigands pass by. She wanted them gone from her woods and offered to take the group to their hidden location.

She brought them to an old ruined keep, once named Wormwood Hall. The group made a plan of attack and tried to infiltrate the keep silently. They found traps set along the keeps perimeter, but made it to the keeps walls and scaled them. Once inside, they leapt upon the night guards inside and a battle ensued. One bandit ran for his life and raised the alarm.
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Read Session 3

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