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Once the party had cleared the fissure of Fire Giants, they journeyed to the shore line and moved to a small inlet island that was home to an ancient village long past gone. They found the ruins and inside a trap door that led down into a dungeon. The dungeon happened to be inhabited by a human female wizard. In her 50s the wizard was an evil vile hag that had descended into the depths to study the magic of the Aboleth creatures and how they dominated lesser races.

She was hell bent on killing the party, but the group heroically survived and defeated her, but her last spell cast and she cast dimensional door to a hidden location. They searched for her but to no avail. They returned to the surface and found another cavern off the main sunless sea cavern. It held 4 female adventures that had also descended to the Sunless Sea to try and hunt some Baatezu that they knew where hiding out in the Great Shaboath.
With rest and discussion the party and the four female adventures Lillianth, Janelle, Villiane and Lynnara made an arrangement that once the party had investigated the islands around the main city that they’d combined their forces to make a strike against the evil aboleoth.

From there the party made their way out to the Island of shadows. As they approached they found it surrounded by fog. Once on shore they found evil vile statues and undead lurking near. They made their way to one intake structure and crept into the building to find a black curtain dividing the room. Once they tried to cross it a trap went off and eventually they made their way to the curtain. Only to find that touching it drained their strength, but once past it they found a room with a long table and seven undead skeletons of a long forgotten deity sitting in reverence to the evil god. They rose at the intrusion and attacked the party. Their vicious unholy smiting and power soon fell josh and the party knew that if the undead cast more powerful spells that they might be at an end.

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Read Session 20

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