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After dispatching the small watch post of Fire giants, the party collected the giant’s magic items and moved further into the rift. Soon they came face to face with the Giants chieftain, King Boltzolto, his son and their witch-doctor. The chief had his three elite female fire giant guards with him as well. The chieftain, applaud that the little peoples interrupted their ceremony to Sutur and the giants attacked straight away.
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As the group fought, Koal cast ice storm which helped to break up the battlefield and gave Xayver room to launch his deadly arrows. Soon, the party felled the son of the chieftain and he became enraged with anger! The party would not so easily be defeated, but the King rushed Rodyn and almost chopped him in half. Wyaas was able to rush to his side and heal his grievous wounds.

The king fought till his last breath and finally they defeated the threat of the giants and found the kings treasure.

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Read Session 19

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