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After finally destroying the Fish King and his minions, the party loots the Kings treasure trove and returns to the Rockseer elves homeland. With some much needed rest and identifying the new magical items the party finds that they have acquired a Deck of Many Things.

Xayver pulled first, he pulled many benefits to his self, but one of his last cards was the removal of all his magic items. This is the type of chaos that Sanyuri wanted to avoid and she refused to pull any cards. Koal pulled next and received a magical Katana and acquired some gold. This encouraged Wyaas to pull and he pulled a few benefits, but his last was one of the worst and he pulled the imprisonment card and disappeared. Ash, the thief stepped up next, hoping to gain a wish to bring back the cleric but pulled two cards, the last being the imprisonment card and she vanished as well.

With the new weapon Koal acquired he gave the ancient stone staff they had found in the Kings treasure to the Archmage Rockseer for the price to cast ‘wish’ and retrieve Wyaas from his imprisonment. Once the ritual had been enacted and ‘wish’ was cast, Wyaas returned to them to tell his tale that he had been trapped in a pocket dimension. While he explored the small area he found another prisoner with him, an Astral Deva, an Angel from the celestial realms named Callimar. He stated that he had been trapped in the demiplane by a Pit Fiend named Pallistren.

With his return, the party geared up for the decent into the rear exit of the City of the Glass Pool and towards the evil below. The Archmage came to the group and told them all he knew from his investigations over the past weeks. He told them that the kidnapped victims were surely below and that the Sunless Sea is their destination. A vast cavern with a freshwater lake of immense size. The rules of the Sunless Sea? The aboleth. And that these creatures rule the area from their city, the Great Shaboath. The leader of the Rockseer knows that the aboleth capture many slaves, but has never heard of them going to far as the surface to gain them, not to mention selecting only the Spellcasting ones nor of using lesser races such as koa-toan nor illithids to help them.

He lets the information sink in and adds, "A fortnight before you returned to us, one of our younger and more foolhardy rangers found himself close to the passageway the illithids use. He saw two Mind Flayers approach with slaves, heading for the kuo-toan city. He says that four other illithids emerged from hidden tunnels and greeted their fellows, then suddenly slew them with daggers. They took the slaves and disappeared back down their tunnels. I am at a loss to explain it. Gavynered is telling the truth-who would make up such a thing?”

With that the party ventures down some 36 miles below the city of the Glasspool to find the shores of the Sunless Sea. They also find it’s lit by luminescent fungi and a large lava fissure. Investigating the fissure they find hand cut stairs that lead some 800 feet lower into the cavern.
At the floor of the fissure they are attacked by an outpost of fire giants! 2 of the large beasts hurl rocks at them and unleash their 4 trolls and 2 hell hounds to attack. The group survives and finally dispatches the evil creatures only to find one giant has survived. They ask the giant for information, but he only reveals that the giants use the fissure for a holy ceremony and so the party leaves him tied up in chains and explores deeper into the darkness.

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Read Session 18

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