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The party having escaped the Mind Flayers and imprisonment rested and regained their strength on the boarder of the City of the Glasspool. They then coordinated an attack with the Rockseer Rangers to hit the City once again, but only to find most of the leaders of the Cities defenses not present. The city was in shambles and in chaos.
Kuo toan mad
The adventures explored the city and found the Mind Flayers building empty, they found most buildings empty and the citizens and noncombatants running away in a feverish pace. They also found an Asylum with multiple insane Fishmen chained to the walls’

The adventures, joined by Drizzt, finally journeyed to the King palace and found it blocked by a massive wall of force. With no way to dispel the wall, they found that the small brooches obtained off the bodies of other mind flayers and duergar would allow them to pass through the wall with ease.

Once passed the wall they entered into the massive doors to find two Drow guards. They bluffed the guards to think they were a group of slavers here to make a delivery and help with the fighting. The drow led them to the high Kou-toa attendant and they tried to bluff him that the Prince had sent them, but with changing their story it clued in the evil ones and a battle erupted with Koal smashing the face of the Fish man.

The battle soon led into the main king’s chambers and the party found the four Mind Flayers, including Zanticor, the three Dukes and the King awaiting them.

With no words exchanged the battle ensued and the King had a few tricks up his sleeve, including his floor mosaic actually being a stone guardian. It arose from the floor to begin to swing its octopus stone limbs at the party as they fought off the Dukes in melee combat and the Mind Flayers stunning them from afar.
The battle was heated for many rounds with many of the party members succumbing to the mind blasts, but enough of them held on to destroy the stone octopus and then turn on the illithids. Soon the King entered into the fray and began unleashing massive damage to the party. Zanticor could see that the tide was slowly turning towards the surface dwellers and that the King Puppet would soon be destroyed. With his two close attendant illithids killed and himself receiving multiple wounds he plane shifted away to safety.

The party finished off the King and found his treasure room. They also found that the majority of the missing kidnapped victims were nowhere in the city to be found. They then found the gate that led to lower tunnels…deeper down into the Darklands, tunnels to the Deepest Darkness.

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Read Session 17

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