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The group has made the deal with the Prince of the City of the Glasspool and quickly destroyed the King’s source of power. They soon find a cage with the Kings personal Giant Lobster’s and Xavyer uses Hurlgaboorg the Trident the trident to control them. He uses them in the plan to confront the next largest threat, the dreaded Mind Flayers.

The group approaches the layer of the Illithids and enters, but soon find they are overmatched. Four mind flayers attack them; one a seven foot monstrosity of an Illithid, named Zanticor is the leader and ends up stunning the entire party senseless.Mind flayerbattle

Luckily for the group of adventures the Mind Flayers are looking to capture as many spell casters as possible and the group finds themselves awaking in the slave pens with other surface dwellers locked in cages.

The group can still hear the guerilla tactics of Drizzt Do’urden and his recruited Darkland Rockseer Rangers as they hit and run against the forces of the City. Drizzt too sees the peril that the party is in and makes a heroic rescue of the party. With the help of a captured thief named Ash, they soon escape the cages and head for their captured equipment.

They find their belongings at the bottom of a turbid pool of churning water at the base of another Sea Mother statue. Xavyer jumps right in to retrieve his belongings only to find the pull of water tentacles grasping at him and pulling him towards a planar gate that opens to the realm of the Sea Mother herself!

On dry land though, Koal makes a guess at the source of the pools power and with the help of Drizzt destroys the statue, the power source of the gate. The party retrieves their equipment and helps the slaves escape during another diversion.

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Read Session 16

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