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The band of adventures, having dispatched the patrol of Duergar and mind flayers approached the Lozen Shaped building and found its door locked. They could hear in the distance Drizzt still creating his diversions with his and Guenhwyvar’s hit and run tactics drawing off the bulk of the city’s defenses. The Ninja Sanyuri went about picking its lock and finally gained entry to the area. They found in the back of the rooms the Kou-toan Prince sitting upon his throne causally. They approach him as he sat on his thron waiting for them to enter. He again announced who he is, “I am Bagoorgoop, son of the Priest-King!” and that he had a deal for the hearty band of adventurers.

He told them that he would help them in their fight against the evil mind flayers and his father the Priest-King if when they were finished they allowed him to gain the Kings throne. With this deal he swore that they could rescue and free all slaves and kidnapped spell casters that they had collected for the Mind Flayers and that he’d tell them where they were located and where they could find his father.

They soon had an accord and left the prince, off to fight the first on the list – they had to take out his father’s source of power, J21 ean sea mother 9the Idol to their Sea Mother Goddess, Blibdoolpoolp. They entered into the large pool area and found many clerics and the head priest worshipping at the altar. The fight was on and the head priest started off with animating the Idol itself! It was a 15’ statue of pure evil and it brought forth its two water elementals as protection. The battle was intense with Sanyuri getting almost cleaved in half by the statues large lobster claws of stone. After the battle had been won the group found a few interesting magic items. The head evil priest had been using a trident of great power, Hurlgaboorg the Trident and on the alter itself was a figurine of wonderous power, dedicated to the Sea Mother, Drogooprool the Figurine.

In the end the adventures of Wormwood won the day and destroyed the idol and the vile fish priests.

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Read Session 15

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