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The group, in flight from the city on wide alert, moved into the ‘long’ tunnel towards the deep gnomes’ home, but had to pause as Zov had doubled over in sickness. Snagger the dwarf noticed the change in Zov and that the elf’s facial skin torn and his eyes burned with a red fire.

Before Snagger had a chance to act, Zov attacked Koal as he moved past, biting the dwarf’s arm with the poison of a ghoul, paralyzing him. As the rest of the party gather to fend off the body of the dwarf and find what has fully happened to Zov, the undead elf took off down a side tunnel into the depths of the Underdark.

Meanwhile a group of advanced Drow elves flew into the tunnel chasing the party. The group was outnumbered and already injured, but a glimmer of hope was shown as Shimmron saw a black panther, three times the size of a normal one bound past him and leapt into the drow. The large cat was quickly followed by its master Drizzt Do’Urden with his whirling scimitars and two other individuals also joined into the fray. Two rockseer elves joined in, Xavyer and Wyaasbattled into the drow elves ranks.

The drow were quickly reinforced by more duergar troops. Koal fought on past the normal limits of dwarves, but finally succumbed to too many vicious chops of the duergars. Drizzt jumped to Koals body and withdrew one of two gifts given to him by Cadderly the Cleric, a prayer strand of Resurrection. Drizzt placed this around Koals neck and it began to glow, pulling at Koals soul to return to his body, deep within Koal as his spirit was lifted to his deities plane of existence, Kahlik his god face palmed Koal back to the material plane, “You have not completed your task for me” his god spoke. Koal entered back into his body with a start and monkey jumped back to his feet.

The evil Duergar savants, magic caster’s of the gray dwarves launched many spells of fire and another of the party fell to the wounds. The dwarf Snagger was burned and fell to the explosions of magic. Drizzt and the party then dispatched the evil doers after a long and fierce battle and in the end retreated up the ‘long’ tunnel. Once secured in a side passage to rest that party heard the tale of Drizzt finding them.

He spoke of a longtime friend Harkle Harpell, a wizard, who had been kidnapped in the north. Drizzt had gone on the trail and found that it led into the Underdark tunnels of the north. There he happened upon the two monk travelers in search of their sacred icon figure, the Avatar. They joined together for the journey and found a Koa-toan village-city, called the City of the Mirror Lake. Here they made a series of strikes against its outer wall testing the Kuo-toa’s. A series of gorilla strike against the city – freeing many kidnapped victims, but before he could make another run they saw them reinforced by 40 kou-toan from some side passage.

They soon found that the village-city was reinforced by troops from the south, a larger city most likely. Drizzt and the two rockseer elves followed the trail of the troops to the City of the Glass Pool and to the battle in the tunnels.

Drizzt warned the party, “Be wary, if you don’t secure the king of this hub it will stand and be reinforced by another kou-toan city. They all appear to be working together which is very disturbing and formable. The illithids seem to be controlling things as far as we can tell, but I’ve never seen anything like this.”

After a nights rest and the monk/cleric having healed all their wounds, they started back down the tunnel towards the now alert city. They had devised a plan of attack, with Drizzt and Guenhwyvar making a diversion near the front gates of the city and the rest of the party entering under the walls via the earth mastery of the new comer.

Once Drizzt had raised the alarms in the front they burrowed into the compound and tried to enter a building, only to find it locked, but soon the noise they made drew the attention of the Koa-toan inside and the building happened to be the resting barracks of the ‘Whips’, the scout fighters of the Chiefs private guard.

The battle along with the use of fireball magic and the pounding of the Earth golems used in the battles drew the attention of a duergar patrol which also joined in on the fight. Once the battle had slowed a nearby door opened with its occupant, a large Kuo-toan warrior announcing in under common, “I am Bagoorgoop! You gotta deal with it!”.

And then the monk/cleric dropped magical darkness that sent Bagoorgoop back inside his building with him locking his door shut.

What will the adventures do next?

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