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The party made their way back to the deep gnomes to sell items and restore the life to their friend who had fallen. Sanyuri was resurrected by Carmeneren and given the blessings of the deep gnomes. They resupplied and told Carmeneren about the albino Rockseer elves and even introduced her to Fayd the cleric Rockseer elf. The deep gnomes were fascinated with him and could barely believe the truth to it.

After a few days with the gnomes the party against set out to venture forth towards seeking the true evil of the kidnappings in the city of the glass pool, the dreaded hamlet of Kuo-toans.

After 9 days of travel into the Darklands, they came upon a shelf and chose to rest after having dispatched many lowly underdark creatures in small encounters. Barely into the nights rest a small band of goblins came upon them and the party exploded into action, dispatching the goblins quickly, only to find that the goblins had actually been sent forth as a ruse to draw out the party of good doers. The Evil slaver wizard who had escaped them a week early had gone to the city and gathered a search party of Kuo-toans to venture back out hunting for the goodly party.

A heated battle ensued and the party was hard pressed against this newest foe that looked as a six foot fish with a gapping mouth of fangs. The wizard again proved dangerous as she threw fireballs and ice storms throughout the tunnels. In the end the party settled into a rhythm and dispatched the evil group. But not before the slaver rogue appeared and back stabbed Koal. Severely injured, Koal and Zov took her down, but not to her death. She lay unconscious and soon the party bound her legs and hands and Fayd began to heal the party and finally healed the rogue enough to speak.

The party found that the thief was indeed a slaver that, with her old party, would kidnap surface dwellers and bring them to the gates of the City of the Glass Pool in return for gold. The rogue made a quick bargain for her life with the honorable paladin Erza Minuet and in exchange she would give as much information if she be let free.

Many of the party members thought this a ridiculous act by the paladin, but in the end she was set free. She then turned to regard the group, “If you plan to attack the City I have extra information about a way in other than the front gates, which is surely a death sentence to attack head on.”

Erza asked what her price for such information would be? “Only my belongings so that I do not go out into the wilds of the underdark ill equipped and without protection”

The rest of the party including the other paladin refused such a simple request and Koal made many threats to the rogue that they should just kill the unarmed woman.

Fayd, who had already been insulted by the party members for his inability to heal the party during battle as they all spread out so far from one another watched in amazement as the party bickered amongst themselves and made threats as if they had no goodness in their hearts except for the paladin Erza.

It was then that the magus Rodyn came up with a fair compromise that the rogue guide them into the city unharmed and if her information proved worthy they’d return her gear and set her back out into the underdark tunnels.

Koal and the others disregarded this suggestion, even after commended by Fayd and again the Rockseer was met with insults by the dwarf Koal. As the rogue turned as left quietly, so too did Fayd. Fayd, having seen enough of the surface dwellers to satisfy his curiosity and giving him much to think about for some time to come.

With this the party returned to the shelf and rested until they set off down the tunnel towards the City. After a day’s travel they came upon a 4 way intersection and what were four globes of glowing light. It was here that was marked as a watch post and 6 gray dwarves stood armed and shouted to stop at the approaching party. Zov and Erza move slowly forward to parley with the duergar and found soon that they had revealed too much of themselves and that the gray dwarves had been warned by the slavers that the goodly party was in the area and to keep a look out for them.

A battle began and the party was surprised as two squid headed illithids plane shifted in, one in front of the party and one to the rear and began a volley of mind blasts that ripped thought the group, stunning many of them.

Zov proved hearty and took down the first of the mind flayers with many arrows to the creature’s chest and even managed to slay one duergar who ran off to sound an alarm with a shot to its head.

Soon the party managed to slay the dwarves and the last of the mind flayer with the help of Rodyn’s summoned earth elemental.

The party then gathered the spoils of their fight and stood ready for what may come next, and had a decision of which way to journey down as they gazed at this fork in the tunnel.

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