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As the party basked in their glory of having defeated the evil Black dragon, they counted their loot, but made a surprising discovery. In the pool of water, chained to the edge was a submerged cage. Inside was a small nestling gold dragon. They soon freed the creature and he told them of his capture and his mother’s death at the claws of the black.

The dragons ‘common tongue’ name was Shimmron and he was very happy to be freed and in so offered to journey with the group until they could make the long trek back to the surface.

Once they collected the booty they made their way back to the gnomes to tell them of Gondabuggins untimely demise at the breath of the black. They were saddened by this news but knew that he died doing what he loved to do, exploring the Darklands.

They exchanged valuables and soon the party was back off explore the secret passage they had found in the back of the dragons cavern. Soon they reached a dead end in the passage, but were confronted by a strange looking elf. Albino and smaller than a surface elf, this one emerged from the stone as if walking through a curtain. The strange elf grabbed a hold of Zov’s collar and pulled him into the stone wall. Gone without a trace.

But soon, they re-emerged into the tunnel and Zov described what had transpired. The elf was a Rockseer elf. A distant relative to surface and drow elves they had journeyed so deep into the earth that they lost all pigment and like surface elves that learned to bond with natures woods, these bonded with the stone and earth.

The rockseer’s name was Fayd and he brought them before his elder chieftain. They were interest in the items the party had acquired such as the Earthbow and the Lifestone. Seeing that the surface dwellers meant no harm and had actually helped clear evil’s from the local community the rockseer chieftain agreed to disclose how Flux magic worked. Flux magic allowed certain rocks to act as Gates between other locations throughout the Darklands. One could cover hundreds of miles merely by activating and stepping into these locations.

After a weeks time with the strange albino elves the party headed out and down into deeper tunnels, making their way towards the Kou-toan city of the glass pool and towards trying to rescue the still lost Peddywinkle and others whom had been kidnapped.

Along the slopping passage the party stumbled upon another group of surface adventures. Or so they thought, these humanoids were actually slavers who had just dropped off a fresh batch of kidnapped spellcasters to the City of the Glasspool.

A battle ensued and Sanyuri went down, but was later resurrected. The party fought bravely and soon the evil group had lost three of its members and the remaining members made a run for it.

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Read Session 11

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