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With the terrible temple of Juiblex destroyed and the party well rested they met another of the deep gnome’s odd friends. A Suli, a half elf – half genie named Erza. Erza was a paladin of a goodly god and had been exploring an underwater river passage hunting for an evil outsider Rakshasa.

The party told her of their encounter with one and she told them that that one described were one of two twin rakshasa she had been hunting.

She decided to journey with the group as they set off to explore the cavern of reptiles that the gnomes had spoken of. The party entered into the front cavern which widen to almost 50feet in width and were confront be a Behir!


This 12 legged huge reptile confronted them and attacked. The battle was fierce, but soon the party had injured the Behir and he stopped, “Please…stop…fight….” It said. “Will…give treasure…”

The creature said its name was Azzuzir and it had nested in this cavern for many years until the dreaded Fandruzsch the Black came. The Behir told the party of the black dragon invading its main cavern and cutting off its main food supply of fishing from the underground stream. With a few magic items given to them by the Behir they swore to vanquish the evil vile dragon and allow Azzuzir to return to its fishing. Amongst the trearue the Behir gave, there was another parchament from the bizarre Hazakain.


The party rested a few moments and then confronted the dragon. The huge dragon was an impressive specimen and put up a deadly fight. The dragon’s acid breath boiled away 2 party members in its first assault. Poor Heavy and Urk the goblin were dissolved before the parties eyes.

This spurred the party on to new heights and they fought even harder. In the end Fandruzch fought to the death to protect his territory and his treasure trove. Once he had been slain the party checked and found that Heavy was truly beyond all hopes, but some of the goblins remains were intact enough and Gondabuggin wished to bring it back for Carmeneren to try to resurrect the creature whom had done so much for the Deep gnomes.

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Read Session 10

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