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In the port town of Riddleport in the country of Varisia, two dwarven brothers (Morgrym and Koal) freed from slavery and their former masters daughter (Delphi) chose to lay low in a tavern called The Golden Goblin. While drinking, the three over heard an elf (Celaher) and a Tian Xia (Sanyuri) female reading a post,

“Wanted: A group of skilled men-at-arms to accompany a merchant into grand adventure into the exotic Northern Lands of Linnorm. Pay will be commensurate with skill. Please see Master Peddywinkle, merchant to the Inner Sea’s, currently staying at the Golden Goblin. Employment after the trip is also offered. Hurry! The adventure awaits!”

They all jumped at the chance to go on a grand adventure into the northern lands and earn some gold. They asked the bartender and found Peddywinkle. He gave them 25gp up front and promised another 25gp upon reaching the northern lands. He needed to travel the dangerous roads well guarded on the 21 day journey. He would leave in three hours and they all went to get their gear, some stayed to gamble at the casino.

When they met again at Peddywinkle’s caravan they met the head teamster, Uncle Rafferty and his nephew Dell Tannerson.

From there they set off into the wilds of the open road. Days went by uneventful until they spotted a ruined wagon with many bodies strewn about. Obviously ambushed, the group of adventures followed tracks of goblins to their hideout and found a small troop of goblins led by an intoxicated Ogre.

They snuck up on the troop and launched a deadly attack on the evil villains. Winning the day, they found the goblins spoils had belonged to an old merchant whom the goblins had killed earlier.

They also took one goblin captive (Kreecha) and set off the next morning with him in tow.

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