weapon (melee)


Longsword +3, Bane (aboleth), Bane (Drow), Bane (Kuo-toa).
Al: NG
Int: 17 Wis: 10 Cha: 17
Ego: 23
120ft. Darkvision and Hearing
Speaks: Common, Drow, Kuo-toan; Telepathy
Special Purpose – Slay Kuo-toa

All Abilities at 18th level
Lesser Powers: At Will – Detect Magic, Detect Secret Doors, See Invisibility,
Greater Power Ability: 1/day – Bull’s Strength
Additional: Wielder is immune to symbol of insanity and cannot be stuck to the kuo-toan armor


Finslayer will converse telepathically with its wielder and by vibration speech to others it deems necessary. Its special purpose is to slay kuo-toan and also has a healthy hatred of drow. Needless to say it will always attempt to control its owner if he or she tries to flee from combat with such beings.

Finslayers personality is mildly sarcastic and has a definite devotion to an “up-and-at-em” approach.

This sword was created by a dwarven wizard/blacksmith some 800 years ago. It was crafted specifically for a ranger with an unusual racial enemy – kuo-toa. This ranger, Pajarifan, was renowned for his subterranean and darkland exploration and fought many battles with drow and kou-toa.

He perished some 375 years ago, and Finslayer has not known another owner since, merely drifting from one treasure trove to another until found by Azter who gave up the sword due to its compelling nature and it found itself in the hands of its current owner, Heavy until his untimely melting by the black dragon and now resides in the hands of Sanyuri


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